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Our Story

Águila 179 was born out of a deep desire to aid in diversifying the game of golf and represent the beautiful Mexican heritage in the golf apparel industry. Aguila 179's owner, Isaac Tellez, hopes to honor his culture as well as his family through this endeavor. Through his apparel, Isaac desires to highlight the importance of inclusivity in the sport.
Águila 179 strives to honor Isaac's mother, Elia Herrera Tellez, who, as a young child, worked as a migrant worker in the fields of California with her family. They made the incredible journey to the Land of Opportunity in hopes of a better life for future generations. Elia proudly received her U.S. citizenship in the 1980's but remains deeply rooted in her Mexican heritage to this day. Isaac lives in Northwest Arkansas where he is the CEO of a Youth Golf non-profit organization in Northwest

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